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The unique character of Wagyu provides a particularly good balance of fat, extremely smooth texture, and juicy flavor. We provide A3 to A5 grade, with A5 considered to be the finest grade. Our Japanese Wagyu beef is carefully selected from famous and high quality international brands which are in high demand at Korean and Japanese restaurants.
– Miyazaki
– Furono
– Kuroge
– F1

A feature of wagyu beef is melt-in-the mouth texture and a rich, luxurious taste derived from an abundance of fat. The beautiful pattern of fat through red flesh like the chuck, rib and sirloin is termed shimofuri, or marbling. Its flavor will delight you when used in various types of cuisine. Wagyu beef is sold after inspection and grading for attributes such as meat color, texture and marbling. The “Wagyu mark is” attached exclusively to authentic domestic Japanese beef to distinguish such wagyu beef quality. This mark acts as a guide when selecting delicious, high-quality, authentic wagyu beef.