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Australian Wagyu Beef is typically highly marbled, full flavoured with relatively low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol compared to other beef breeds. The unique flavour and marbling of Wagyu beef is the attribute which sets this product apart from other beef products available and has led to its widely acclaimed status as “The best beef in the world”

We have selected a high quality of Australian Wagyu Beef, popular for its intense marbling and taste, which provides high levels of juiciness and flavor.

Guaranteed free of Hormonal Growth Promotants (HGP’s). Cattle are fed a specially formulated grain ration for 350 to 450 days. The specially designed semi intensive feedlot system provides more space per cow than traditional intensive feedlots and takes into account the animals psychology. At this point supplementary feed in the form of crushed grains (wheat, barley, oats, canola, lupins and straw) is introduced along with the natural pasture. Cow which are comfortable in their environment perform better. Therefore, good quality natural feed, ample space and a clean pristine environment lead to a high quality natural product.